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  • Charisma Gold gives him a foot job!

    Scene from:

    Charisma Gold!
  • Lots of hot spunk for Charisma!

    Scene from:

    Charisma Gold!
  • Threesome in Portugal!

    Scene from:

    Charisma Gold!
  • Double creampie for Charisma Gold!

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    Fill my pussy!
  • Gradje fucks Charisma Gold on the beach!

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    Totally Sex
  • Meet my new fuckbuddy!

    Scene from:

    Charisma Gold!

Gradje was no real porn actor but he was the fuckbuddy from Charisma Gold for a small year. No not her boyfriend, just a fuckbuddy. They met eachother through social media and after a while chatting Charisma decided to invite him over to her house one day for diner.
The same night they end up togheter in her bed and fucked all night long.

He was a great bloke with well trained body and a big tasty cock according to Charisma.
Ather they spend many hot nights togheter and even now and time some hot threesome nights with Quinton involved, Charisma asked Gradje if he wanted to make some movies as well with her.
Gradje was willing to do this but he didnt want to be recognisable on camera. That was no problem for Charisma and so they made some great horny movies togheter and some hot photoshootings.

Unfortunatly when Charisma, Quinton and Gradje went on a holiday trip to Portugal it went wrong. Gradje met another girl out there and he fell in love with her. He could build a relationship with that girl and that was the one thing that Charisma couldnt offer him so he decided to move on with the other girl. Gradje left as a good friend and he is still happy these days with the other girl!

Date of birth:
thursday 12 march 1987
Length: 1,72 m
Weight: 70 kg

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